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Did you know all the uniforms you buy are made in Bahati?

Did you know you can buy that uniform at half the price from the Bahati factory or any of the company’s five outlets?

Whether your child’s uniform is from any of the major outfitters in Nakuru or the smaller corner shops in town, there is a likelihood that 6 out of 10 dealers selling school uniforms sourced them from Trendy Links.

In our mission to promote Bahati businesses earlier today, our team we visited Trendy Links stitching plant at their Maili Saba.

The Companies Managing Director, Mrs Esther Kimani took us through the factory’s amazing two year history. The success of the ultra-modern plant, located a long the Maili Saba – Karunga road is evident not only from the 300 strong workforce but also from the quality brands of garments being churned out of it’s production lines.


Trendy Links employs three hundred skilled and non-skilled workers, 50% of which come from Bahati. They operate in two shifts, day and night. These wonderful ladies and gentlemen work in a seamless fashion, where each wheel of production is a well oiled cog performing a particular function..

At the end of each hour, more than 80 garments are made. Your guess is as good as mine how many garments are made in a day by this army of dedicated workers.


Trendy Links makes full school uniforms, including branded sweaters, ties and socks (outsourced). They also make dust coats, overalls, shopping bags, banners and practically anything that has to do with clothes.
It is worth mentioning that Trendy Links did the Jubilee Party uniform for President Uhuru Kenyatta, his Deputy President, William Ruto as well as other party officials and aspirants in the just concluded general elections. Orders came from throughout the country.

Most of the banner advertisements you see around you are made here.


Trendy Links supplies all the major uniform shops with uniform, Tracksuits and all articles of uniform whether printed or embroidered. They also have their Trendy Links outlets at:

1. Naivasha

2. Nakuru town

3. Rhonda

4. Subukia

5. Maili sita

You can also purchase directly from their factory.


Apart from employment, Trendy Links offers opportunities in supplies of goods and services. The CEO informed us that soon, they will open a college to train the youth on modern clothes production. Plans for these are already are at advanced stage.

Within two years, the success of this factory has spread like bush fire during dry season with senior government officials from as far as Mombasa, Kitui and Kitui counties paying courtesy calls on Mrs Kimani seeking advice on how to start similar business ventures in their areas.

Already, Mrs Kimani told our team, Kitui County has already contracted Trendy Link in establishing a stitching plant in Kitui and also training the factory operatives. This will be no mean achievement for the Bahati based company and we should all feel proud to be associated with Trendylink family.

  • It is back -to school season. Don’t be exploited. Tukutane Trendy Links.

A community leader, blogger and philanthropist
A community leader, blogger and philanthropist

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