The New Year ghost

She sat outside her house, calmly sipping from a soda bottle watching the busy highway beyond her gate. She hadn’t joined the masses moving up and down the roads in New Year festivities, preferring the serenity of her home. Her two daughters and children had however went for the lazy afternoon walk.

Suddenly, she heard the loud screeching of brakes before she perceived a black car halt by her gate. It was normal to hear screeches but it was not normal for cars to stop by her gate. Maybe it was a mechanical breakdown, she thought.

From the car alighted a very tall man. So tall that from the distance, he towered over the hedge that made a fence around the farm. He looked around,once, twice, and confidently walked through the gate.

It was not difficult to see something was wrong. For the man, dressed in a seemingly expensive suit, adorned sports shoes, as white as snow. The old lady was somehow concentrating on the shoes, rather than the face of her approaching visitor.

When she raised her eyes to see who owned the shoes, now a few metres away, she suddenly grew cold with fright. There was nobody at all, just the shoes walking towards her……..

A community leader, blogger and philanthropist
A community leader, blogger and philanthropist

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