Despite Immense potential, Bahati lags Behind

Gov Lee Kinyanjui

Travelling from Nakuru town through the Mawanga-Murunyu route to Wanyororo A can be as exciting as it is as surprising. Though I had in the past used the route, I prefer the Lanet-Dundori section as it is shorter and fares are reasonably lower than the former route. But the Saturday evening experience left much to be desired.
From the Mawanga junction all the way to Wanyororo A, the state of infrastructural development is wanting. Whereas from Mawanga to Tumsifu can be said to have attracted investors confidentiality going by the storied residential apartments, some of which are under construction, poor road network is the undoing. Given the Bahamas and 2MTW Sacco matatus plies the route, with the former parts of it; the route should have been tarmacked like yesterday. And as such, parts of residential estates would be considered as for the affluent as with infrastructural development the worth of a real estate value would go up.
Several trading centres have the potential of being 24 hours economic hubs but the letdown is lack of adequate lighting as the low wattage bulbs hanging on eaves do not offer sufficient illumination. Tellingly, street lighting is prioritized to some areas in what seems like selective allocation. You wonder why high mast lighting is far from a trading centre and on an almost empty stretch but seemingly illumining an individuals homestead than the general public.
Whereas a key motorable route of such distinction should attract businesses of all sorts, which is replete with commercial fronting buildings on either road sides anyway, it is noteworthy many of such buildings are dead capital investments as they have failed to attract investors with owners converting them to residential dwellings. And the fine dust raised by vehicles caking almost every building gives some places the impression of a ghost town. It too is discomfiting travelling in a sweltering matatu and having windows tightly shut owing to billowing dust. At the end of the journey, you have to rush to a chemist shop for an antihistamine to counter effect of allergic reactions from inhaling dust.
Poor leadership is the bane of Bahati constituency and as long as the elected leaders of the day cannot lobby for development funds, the constituency, and the county in general, will not be able to live to the billing of its immense potential.

A community leader, blogger and philanthropist
A community leader, blogger and philanthropist

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